BOTANICAL ART Classes at StoneHouse Studio

StoneHouse Studio is on a lovely 10-acre property consisting of woodlands, open grass meadows, pond and gardens that offer a picturesque area to view and paint various tree, shrub and flower specimens.

The Studio Space

The Studio Space

Classes are taught in the artist’s light filled studio. The serene setting and beautiful plants provide a peaceful and inspirational place to take classes.

The drawing classes focus on learning to observe and draw with accuracy. The techniques of laying graphite down smoothly to create a beautiful drawing, and the study of light on form to give the drawing three-dimensional artistic beauty, are taught. After gaining proficiency with the fundamentals of drawing, most students continue on, and take classes in botanical watercolor painting.

In these classes the drawing skills learned are built upon, and various techniques for watercolor painting are studied. Painting skills are learned, practiced and perfected; as a variety of leaves, seedpods, roots, fruit, and a myriad of flowers are studied.

Private lessons:
Corinne is available for private lessons, the charge for a 1/2 hr private lesson is $50, a semi-private 1 hour lesson is $100. Email Corinne for further details regarding scheduling.

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