About the Botanicals

Botanical artist and naturalist Corinne Lapin-Cohen captures the beauty and grace of a plant at a particular moment. She paints with the precision and clarity of a scientist and the heart and vision of an artist. Her meticulous attention to detail draws the viewer into each painting, and the sensuous watercolors reflect her unusual sensitivity to nature.

Details about the botanicals:

On Paper

Arches or Fabriano handmade papers are used for the watercolor paintings. Long-term light fast watercolor pigments are used. Very thin transparent layers of paint are applied, sometimes up to 20 layers are glazed one upon another. The white paper reflects through the layers and ‘optically mixes’ the colors. Inquire about availability.

On Velum

Vellum is treated sheepskin, goatskin, or calfskin traditionally used as a writing surface. The vellum I used for these paintings is treated English calfskin. Each piece varies in texture, tone and color, and provides luminosity to my paintings.


Metalpointes are created by drawing with slender rods of solid silver or 22k gold. The resulting line is a thin coating of metal being deposited on the surface of the paper. By repeatedly going over my marks, I build up the layers of gold and silver to develop depth and tone – As oxidation takes place Metalpointe drawings will continue to change and deepen in tone for generations, so I call them ‘Living Drawings’.

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